Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sometimes the best laid plans....

...just don't go the way we hope they would.

So, we bought a new hot tub because the one that was here in the yard - the original owners did not take good care of, and the pump died.  Since it's a ThermaSpa and is only serviced directly by them out of Connecticut, we decided to say ixnay to the ottubhay - and get a new one.

Today was the delivery day.

And it started off great...they were here early.

It seems the deck that the hot tub was sitting on, rotted out underneath so when they were trying to remove the old tub, it completely fell apart.  So the new tub is on there, but off to the side and not connected.  And addition to all the other construction we're doing in the yard, we've got this additional expense of putting in a synthetic decking for the new tub to rest upon.

I'm bummed because I feel like the yard is just a mess - and construction hasn't even started yet!
Plus, I really was hoping to go into the hot tub tomorrow.

Que serah serah....whatever will be - will be.
I guess it just means a little more time.... and a little more mess.
And a lot more money!!

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