Thursday, June 20, 2013

Antsy, antsy, antsy....

We are having some serious renovations being done to our yard in a few weeks.
I didn't think I'd be this frustrated waiting for them to take place, and I am, actually almost irritated at having to wait until the 15th of July.

We have a beautiful yard, and I think I'm a little irked that our landscaper has sort of shrugged off maintaining what isn't being modified at the moment; because it's all going to be done when the "project" is completed.  But, we have so much that has to be maintained in the mean time...

...and it's making me... antsy.  irritated.  frustrated.

The "project" is we're clearing out about 6-8 ft deep of woods, about 50 yards wide - which really expands our yard (which is already quite big, truth be told...) and we're expanding the patio around the pool and building an outdoor fireplace.  Fun, right?  But, ugh - the wait is ridiculous.

I didn't think I'd be quite this excited, and yet I am.

Yes, I'm borderline whining, but it's only because I hate the fact that my landscaping is a bit overgrown. I don't like it messy.  I like it neat and weeded and pretty.... !!!

Ok.  I feel better now.
Sort of...

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