Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's been a whirlwind of fun.....

So, I'm chillaxing at the moment. 
It's been such a busy summer so far - and yet still very relaxing -- but then again, I feel like I haven't stopped!

I'm thinking back to a post I wrote last year about "sitting in the morning sun...." and all the things I'd said I wanted in a new home -are the things I've got at the moment.  Right down to my Cracker Barrel rocking chairs.  I'm feeling very content and blessed to be here.

This past weekend we had Princess Petunia's 8th birthday party.  Tons of fun.... all she asked for was to have karaoke there because it was a disco themed party, and fortunately I've got a score of a DJ who's very inexpensive and very good -- so the good times definitely rolled!

This coming weekend we have a family reunion where we are guests, and then we have a bbq slated for my house on Sunday because it's my father's birthday.  He's in from Florida and leaving to go back next week (I think??) so we're going to have a little cookout for him on Sunday.

Tomorrow, the kiddies and I are off on a road trip!  I'm off with them the next three days before they go to their respective cheerleading and basketball camps next week.  So while the weather isn't exactly beach weather, it's definitely good animal watching and adventure weather.  So I've got a few tricks up my sleeve for the next few days coming up.

But for the moment, it's coffee in my cup... the unusually cool breeze through my hair, and the birds chirping.

Good morning!

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