Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ben, the two of us need look no more....

Our house has an area we refer to as "Kidtown".  It's a "teen suite"  with a den, bath, bedroom and closet - but we're utilizing as a kids play area.  The closet has all their toys, the den area is their video game set up, able to fit a room full of kids, and then of course the bedroom would be if there's a bunch of kids sleeping over and they don't feel like sleeping on the pull out sofa (though that's typically where they end up!).  But when we first moved in, one of my Father in Laws (multiple marriages on G's side) was staying with us up there so the kids weren't able to use it really.  He just left in the beginning of July so they're now really getting to enjoy it.

Now, rewind to before we moved in....before we knew the FIL was going to move in.  The kids had been hounding me for a rabbit.  No. I was no way going to do that.  And we already had hamsters and they're sort of grumpy....and I don't love guinea pigs because they bite a bit too.  So I had told them they could get a rat.  They make excellent pets, they love to be handled - they're relatively clean and seriously - how cute are they!!!  And "Kidtown" is the perfect place for a not terribly smelly, but their responsibility pet.  (Considering I take care of the cats and the dog - oh and their fish....).

So, they remembered this idea this week.  And they have been relentless about getting one.  Besides, Princess Petunia got money for her birthday so she can afford it - and T has money too so he wanted to split the expenses.  How can a Mom say no?  Well, when a Dad says no....G wanted no part of it. 

But relentless the kiddies were.  And G relented and said okay.  Besides, I was on board anyway - and who's going to take care of the rat anyway?  Me.

So we came home with not one...but two rats!  They're very social and best in pairs.  Both males - no babies in this girl's house!  But the kids love them!  They're very friendly, love to be handled and held and really so very sweet.  One is gray, the other is white.  Their names are Snake and Flake.  My son picked Snake for the irony of snakes eat rats, so he thought it was a good choice.  And my daughter picked Flake, short for Snowflake.

I'm pretty darn psyched personally because I've always wanted a rat. 
They really are so flipping cute!  I have to share pictures...soon!


Suldog said...

One of my girlfriends kept mice. Being a cat sort of guy, I never really thought of them as something I wanted as a pet. I always rooted for Tom, not Jerry, ya know? But, I do have to admit, rodents can be cuties. I've been known to give a mouse a cookie.

Rebecca said...

LOL, Suldog - we're an ALL animal family. :) We have a 16 yr old Jack Russell Terrier, 2 cats (who kill mice, but are tolerant of these little creatures that they see us hold - so far anyway), 2 rats and 2 fish.

The best part about these little guys is that they purr almost when they're content. It's called buxxing and they grind their teeth when they're content and snuggling with us. It's freaking adorable.

Chatelaine said...

I hope the cats like them! They sound adorable. Didn't know they purred!