Sunday, July 14, 2013

Black + White still equals Black & White.

I'm beyond disappointed with the verdict in the Zimmerman trial.

To me, this was not a case about racism. (Though I do believe that Mr. Zimmerman was criminally profiling based upon race.)

When does a fist fight equate to gunpower?
When does a person standing up for themselves because they feel threatened equate to being murdered?

Why is it that Mr. Zimmerman "felt threatened" and so it was okay to murder someone?  So Trayvon Martin's death doesn't matter because Mr. Zimmerman was "scared"?  Because basically, to have not given any semblence of discipline for the taking of another man's life in a deliberate manner just screams "unimportant".   Didn't this physical altercation that Mr Zimmerman claims happened - take place as a result of Trayvon Martin -- feeling threatened and defending himself?  So why is Mr. Zimmerman's fear more important than that of  Trayvon?  What if Trayvon was the one that had the gun?  Somehow, I feel that might have played out differently.... "Thou shalt not kill" is a phrase that I do believe the Bible Belt state needs to revisit.

This is a stupid law, plain and simple.  Mr. Zimmerman was told to stay away and leave the victim alone, and he didn't.  Don't fault the victim for standing up to his assailant; that's like blaming a woman for being raped because she wore perfume.

It's disturbing, disgusting and disappointing.  To me, it's irrelevant if the prosecution didn't play fair, if there was evidence withheld or if it all was presented as is.  The bottom line is that people should not have the right to kill another person just because they feel threatened.  Define threatened.  Define "in fear for your life".  It's all subjective and up to interpretation, isn't it?

If a person puts a knife or gun or baseball bat to your head - then yes, you may feel your life is in jeopardy.  But an unarmed person, who may have just handed you an ass whipping because you aren't capable of defending yourself otherwise - does not give you the right to take that person's life.

And there's absolutely nothing else that anyone can say, that can justify it in this girl's mind.


~**Dawn**~ said...

The one thing that I will say is this: The media played an *enormous* role in the details you've listed here. There was a lot more to this story that mainstream national media either cut out all together, edited and spliced to make it appear different, or outright fabricated for the purposes of ratings-driven sensationalism. I know this because I live a little over an hour away from where all this happened and was able to compare and contrast local coverage with national. It is awful that a young man lost his life, and there are certainly issues that need to be addressed, but I find it deplorable that the media manipulates the story beyond recognition. Lost in all their story-telling is the fact that Zimmerman *did* walk away from Martin when the dispatcher instructed him to. He went back to his vehicle where Martin in turn confronted *him*. He did not single Martin out as African American when he called the police; he mentioned Martin's race only *after* being asked by the dispatcher, and NBC is about to be sued for their editing of the recorded phone call, which took a completely different tone when compared to the unedited version. A life was lost and that is never something that should be taken lightly. However, the picture you painted in your post came straight from the media's portrayal of events--what they *wanted* you to know--not full disclosure of the accurate facts of that entire event. I hope that bothers you as well, because I find it disgusting that we don't hold the media accountable for all the controversy and violence for which they are directly responsible.

Rebecca said...

Dawn - you know I love you, right? ;)

Even if you take all media influences away, in my personal opinion - it's basic. A fist should be met with a fist and nothing else. Otherwise barfights would go back to the wild west - and we'd have complete anarchy.

It's just stupid to be able to draw a weapon because you're afraid. Lots of people get into confrontations, some of them escalating to physicality unfortunately - but that doesn't justify gunpower. JMHO.. XO