Monday, March 26, 2012

Some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this...

Ah yes, it's American Idol in full swing.

And I know that every year I say the talent is insane, but really....this year, insane.  Last year, Princess Petunia picked the top two from the get go - right when she watched them the auditions and Hollywood week.  This year, she has picked Colton to take it all.  Truthfully - I think she may be right.

My two picks are Jessica and Colton to the end.  I'm just in awe of how most of these people have voices that are ready to go on record.  It's not like in years past where there's pitch issues, or just not so great singing.  These people are so talented that I can't help but wonder how they haven't been discovered to this point.

I love when we watch....the kids and I will DVR and then catch up on results night, because it's on too late for them to stay up and see it live.  It's funny when you're a mom, your kids really think the world of you.  Princess Petunia will say "Mommy you could be on here, you sing really good...." and then my son T chimes in with his serious honesty: "Mom, honestly - you might make it to Hollywood week but then...I'm sorry, you wouldn't be American Idol.".  No, really. Ya think??  It's interesting, I can carry a tune but a strong voice is not something I have, so it's always great to hear the kids think that I'm good, even if it's only a little bit good at something.  I mean, truly - I doubt I'd ever pass an audition, but hey - any compliment I can get from those two - I'm taking, and keeping!!

When they're little, you're the sun in their sky.  But then they grow up, and have their own thoughts and opinions, and suddenly -- you aren't the sun so much, as you are the clouds. It is what it is....

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