Saturday, November 02, 2013

You're never fully dressed without a smile....

The freakiest of things happened to me on Halloween. 

A bottle of wine fell and broke my eye tooth. (Insert puzzled look HERE--I totally expect it. )

I was stocking bottles that rest on the shelf about shoulder height- and a 1.5 bottle started to fall. I could hear it fall-- I was bent down in front if it, taking another bottle out of the case to stock; but I turned my head to catch it and must've been smiling-- the bottle fell, nicked my lip but hit my tooth straight on!  Random, right!?!

I heard the crack and pop- knew my tooth broke - but would you believe I actually picked the bottle up and stocked it before actually reacting to my mouth!?!? It just all was so fast....

Needless to say that while I ended up bring fortunate enough that my tooth could be saved- the nerve was exposed and me- the girl who still hasn't had a cavity- experienced her first root canal yesterday.  (Truth-- it wasn't bad at all. I didn't even need a Tylenol or anything after. Pretty darn painless!!)

I'm not even going to go into the whole dentist debaucle- that's a blog post all in if itself!  

The worst part of it, from a physical aspect- is over. It could've been worse. But the part I'm most sad about is that I can't get even a temporary crown until 11/15!  Smiling is such a big part of who I am-- I'm almost always happy and sociable and I work with the public- so to have to cover my mouth when I talk or to not be able to smile- makes me feel like I didn't just lose my tooth, but like I lost a little bit of ME. 

I'm hoping they get a cancellation I can squeeze into...

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