Friday, November 08, 2013


So in one week, I've gone from....

Never having a cavity to...
Having a broken tooth.
Having a root canal. 
Having a temporary crown....
....the final replacement will be on 12/2.

Who knew stocking wine would be such an occupational hazard!?!

I have very white teeth so the temporary definitely doesn't match.  But that's ok because the final one will. My dentist is fortunately a cosmetic dentist and he has a team (yes I said "team") of ceramic specialists who come to his office with their own kiln to color match the teeth!! 

Yay!  I have very white teeth. (Though the photos don't reflect it well, I don't think.) 

But it was not comfotable. I'll take 5 root canals to 1 temporary crown. No lie. (Mmmkay, so these pics are not taken in the most optimum of circumstances. Just sayin'.   I'm no Gisele!)
 It's not perfectly shaped or colored or sized-- but it's better than a gaping hole like before!!! 

I'm just dreading the work again. 
I'm on my third glass of wine and I STILL have a headache. 

Ah, the pains you go through to be beautiful -- as my mother would've said.

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Suldog said...

You have a lovely smile, gap or no.

I suggest you ask your team for good meds to reduce the pain. Wine is nice, but Percocet is better for dental work.