Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hi, My name is Rebecca and I'm addicted to.....


Listen, I know it's not mascara or lip gloss -and it's certainly not a good pair of boots; but it IS a really rocking source of inspiration these days.

It's funny because I avoided it for a long time; I'd hear people talk about recipes they found on Pinterest and I browsed it casually.  I thought "eh, so it's a corkboard of things I like....big deal".

The big deal is that once I started pinning things I liked - I was amazed at how many things were out there that I didn't even know that I liked - or even knew existed!  And that is the exciting part of it all.

I've used new recipes, come up with new ideas for decorating and gift giving - and the great thing is - the things you find such as recipes or craft ideas - really do work!  Sometimes it's just fun to type things in for inspiration, and then voila - I'm excited to see how it easy it is to go out and do it myself.

Best of all, I love that it's not another Facebook.... I don't have to talk to people; I don't care if someone "likes" my things.  While it's nice to see people I know and sometimes share their pins - there's no obligation to chit chat, or even acknowledge one another.  It's not meant to be social hour, it's meant to be browsing and exploring time.

And I love it!

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