Monday, July 17, 2006

RSVP, a.k.a. répondez, s'il vous plaît

(Followup from last post: I forgot my digital camera - unfortunately no shots from the night out seeing the band. We had a great time though, and it was wonderful to see my old friend!)

So, my daughter's 2d birthday party is Saturday. Her actual birthday is Wednesday, but we're having a party for her this weekend. The theme is fun - it's a Garden party! She loves flowers and butterflies, so that is the decor. I'm pretty excited about it, because that's a pretty fun way to decorate. I mailed out all the invitations to the usual invitees - all 70 of them. Only 10 have RSVPd. So either I'm going to have a house full - or hardly anyone.

This for me, is a predicament. If you've ever been to a party at my house, then you know that I cook enough for an army no matter how many people are there. But I'd hate to prepare for 70 people to only have 20 show up. Yet since I don't know how many people I'm expecting, I have to assume that I'll have 80 - because you never know! And I clearly wrote on the invitation "Please RSVP and let us know if you'll be joining the celebration". I don't understand why people don't respond. Am I supposed to assume they're coming? Assume they're not coming?

My parents are actually going to be attending this party. They haven't ever been to either of my children's birthday parties, so this is a relatively big deal. Visit them on my blog roll and razz them about it, would you?

The menu for this shin dig is up in the air....clearly a bbq, we'll be sure to have the usual suspects of burgers, dogs and sausage. I've found some really delicious chicken burgers that I'll add in, some linguica, and of course marinated steak, pork and chicken. My mother's home made cole slaw recipe, potato salad, regular salad, corn on the cob- and I think - I'll make a batch of chili too! I know it's going to be 100 degrees this weekend, but hey - doesn't it just sound like I need to have some chili too?

In the area? Come on by on Sunday for leftovers!


chesneygirl said...

Good grief woman!! You really go all out!!
After reading this I'm feeling pretty chincy about the 2nd bday party we had for my son 3 weeks ago...invited 20 people and only offered cake & ice cream.

Sounds like a super fun time!! :)

McSwain said...

I hate when people don't RSVP--they almost never do here in L.A., especially for kids' parties. We've had people show up at a party we had for My Boy that was a very expensive per-person price at an amusement park without RSVPing and with a sibling or two in tow.

I'd start calling down the list and ask people if they're coming, but expect about half even if you don't.

People are rude. If you invite me to a party, I'll RSVP. :)

Rebecca said...

Hey Chesney Girl -
You shouldn't feel that way at all! My husband and I are the only ones in the family that invite EVERYONE in the family, so these are the two events a year that people know they get to see everyone. I have this problem with not knowing how to do anything small.... ;)

Cheryl: You have an open invitation anytime!!! ;)

martie said...

Wow...I can't believe that people haven't RSVP'd. How rude can they get! But don't just assume...I went to your mom's blog and read her latest post and it's about "assuming". I would just plan on having at least 1/2 - 3/4 of them showing up anyway, that way you'll be sure to have enough food for all and like you said, you can always have left overs (please send map of directions to your home...LOL).

Kodijack said...

I wish. I can imagine how good that spread is, and the wine, oh joy.

Are you doing a blog about wine yet?

Glitter/Aleka said...

I'm definitely gonna try to stop by. The one thing I will need: Directions.

Hopefully I'm not wrecked from working. LOL.