Monday, July 03, 2006

Reinventing the Wheel....?

Why do music artists feel the need to reinvent themselves? Especially when they haven't spent a long time in the industry to begin with? Jessica Simpson for an example. Her new single sounds like a bad remake of "Holiday" by Madonna - which makes me think - what would ever possess Jessica Simpson to think she needs to put out a Madonna style pop dance tune? Did someone say to her "You know what? You need to revitalize your image - let's reinvent your style!" I mean really.

The funny thing is, she is a very talented singer. But for some reason, they've got her all Pop Tart'd out so that she could almost be in the running with Lindsay Lohan as the new Britney Spears. If you ask me, if I had all that talent and looks behind me - I'd want to be in a league all of my own. I'd want people to aspire to be me, rather than being "just another pop star". That light burns out far too quickly. I don't understand why she doesn't go back to singing the big ballads, or even gospel which is where she began. Although given her current path, I suppose that would be rather hypocritical.

Here's an idea. Where she's clearly not the brightest bulb in the box - why not reinvent her image by educating her? This poor girl had Pam Anderson rolling her eyes at her when she asked how they ran so slowly in the Baywatch opener. I've got to think if you've got Pam Anderson thinking you're an idiot - well, then it's not looking that good for you. And incase no one's informed her, looks don't last forever either. If that's what she's banking on, well - given some of the photos I've seen of her lately - that clock has already started ticking. Does she want to end up looking like Pam Anderson? The most naturally beautiful girl I've ever seen looks so hard and washed up now, it's hard to believe that she was once the Tool Time girl. Jessica seems to be heading down that same path; again, another naturally beautiful girl who's potentially destroying her appearance.

So that's my rant for today. I can only listen to "Public Affair" and the Paris Hilton song on the radio so many times before I feel nauseauted and think that there's got to be more out there musically than this.... !

By the way - I still dont have a new PC - so if you dont' see me commenting, don't take it personally!


JAX said...

I'm not a big JS fan. Her voice gets on my nerves.

gunngirl said...

They've been playing that Paris song on the radio? Egads!

JS has one song of hers I like. She sexed up her image, but she can't dance and she really can't sing. Brittney can sing okay, but what she had going for her is great dancing, great videos and a great image. She didn't stay the fluffy route and it worked for her. I was a big BS fan. I was kinda sorry to see her drop out and become mom.

I also saw a Pam Anderson photot that looked kinda hard. Time catches us all. Man, do I know that the hard way.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wait...How DID they get them to run so slow in the Baywatch opener?

Oh, I bet they practiced a lot, right?

Lori said...

Hi Rebecca! Have a few minutes online (wow!) so thought I'd say "hi". Hope everything is well with you. I hope to catch up with blog reading ASAP!


McSwain said...

Bummer about the PC. I really hate what Jessica's handlers (Daddy) have done with her image. I think she really can sing, but they're blowing it by taking away all her originality. I don't listen to "pop" radio anymore because I really can't take most of what passes for music. I mean Paris? Please.

Doug Bagley said...

Yeah it's too bad Jessica's manager/daddy doesn't see the light on this. Talent and brains can take you a lot further for a longer period of time than just looks.

Kodijack said...

I have not heard the Paris song here, I hope that I don't. I wonder who wrote it.

I really think that Jessica is mangling her career. She could do so well and she is just doing everything that the opposite way than she should.

Although the Dukes movie will live in infamy for her camera shots.