Thursday, April 03, 2014


So, given all the chaos that's been my life lately- I decided to make sure that if I wasn't blogging to keep my happiness afloat- then I'd do it via Instagram.   I'd seen other people posting with the #100happydays and so I googled it to see what it was about. 

Basically, you just take a minute to capture one image a day that makes you happy and after a while- if you aren't already happy- you'll fall into the habit of being happy more readily. Truth be told I'm typically pretty happy but....sometimes I feel like the odds are stacked against me no matter how hard I try. Of course this is normal and we all feel that way at times- but it's not something I enjoy- and it could be easy to succumb to the "woe is me...."  I never will- but still, this little exercise in simple happiness makes it that much easier to keep smiling. 

So check it out for yourself:


This was today's capture:  see the purple flowers?  They weren't up yesterday but there they were this am. Spring has sprung! 

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